Kalley's Machine Won Some Awards!

Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats had a whole bucket full of love poured on top of her interactive little head this past December.  Our app was like a sweaty little kid in the backyard on a really hot summer day, and then Jinny Gudmundsen, Rob Ford, Jennie B and some wonderful person named Kirkus Reviews  turned on the sprinkler.

USA TodayJinny Gudmundsen is the author of iPad Apps for Kids For Dummies, and the editor of the famous website Tech with Kids,  which declared Kalley’s Machine one of the 20 Best Kids Apps of 2014!!! Jinny is a nationally recognized expert on Kids Tech, and writes on that subject for a little newspaper called USA Today, which you may never have heard of but which we were PRETTY STOKED to be mentioned in, people!

This is just one of the many kind things that the estimable Jinny Gudmundsen said about Kalley’s Machine:  “Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats showcases a creative inventor who happens to be a young girl. It sends a powerful message to children–especially little girls–about thinking outside of the box to solve problems. By demonstrating ingenious engineering skills that would make Rube Goldberg proud, Kalley models outstanding problem-solving instincts and may motivate readers to draw similar machines. “

Well, and not only that. Jinny Gudmundsen also named Kalley’s Machine one of USA Today’s 10 Top Kids Apps of 2014!  I already tried to make it clear to you people that Jinny knows way more about this stuff than you do, so if you’re about to say something like “well, what does she know?  then just remember what I told you.  She’s the expert, not you.

Kirkus StarBest of 2014 Book AppsOK.  Here’s a fun little exercise.  Go get like five books off of your bookcase.  I’m doing it, too.  I will be right back.

Ok I’m back, and I only got two.  Both of my books here have a list of people in the front few pages who have read them, and who said nice things about them.  They’re called “reviewers”.  Now take your books and look at the front of them.  I bet one of those guys who reviewed your book is named “Kirkus”. And I bet that guy wrote the very most awesome stuff in that whole list, right?  Well, that same guy Kirkus totally reviewed Kalley’s Machine and he gave it a STAR!!! Do you even have any idea what that means?!  Have you ever even heard  of a KIRKUS STAR?!!  Probably not, because you never won one!! AND our new friend Kirkus (we here at Rocketwagon like to call him “Kirk” for short) also put us on this list he makes every year called Best Book Apps of 2014 !

mFWA AwardKalley’s Machine Plus Cats also won an mFWA Award. Don’t know what that is? I didn’t either. But my husband does. Jon says it’s pretty much the hugest honor you can get in the interactive agency world. And he’s flipping out about that one.

Kalley’s Machine is also a finalist for a ‘Cybils Award’, which aims to recognize children’s and young adult authors and illustrators whose work “combines the highest literary  merit and popular appeal”.  FOR SERIOUS!!  Highest literary merit and popular appeal!!  I am not making this stuff up!! You totally thought I was and you were SO WRONG!!

We have the mysterious “Jennie B” to thank for our Cybils nomination.  We think we know who our secret benefactress is, but I do believe that I am supposed to keep my mouth shut about that and so I will.

So there you go, this is my update. And before you PM me so as to gently explain that “Kirkus” is not really that guy’s first name, I will just let you in on the little secret that I already know that.  I think I may have been in the house too long recently.

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