On How I Am Rocking This Social Marketing Thing.

One of my jobs in our new little family story company is social marketing. I am totally owning this.

I had lunch at Kalley’s school today.  I sat next to Abby, and Kalley sat next to her, then Hadley.  On the other side of me was Emma, and next to her was Lauren.  Everyone who wasn’t sitting there totally wished they were.

I was like, “Hey Kalley, I just showed your machine to your teacher she thought it was SOOO  cool.”

And Abby was like “WHAT!!!!!!”

And I was like, “Kalley tell her what.”

And Kalley was like, “Well I was listening to a song and this idea popped to my head and it was bashers and stuff and then other stuff so I drew it down and showed it to my dad.”

And Abby was like, “Mrs. Alexander I don’t know what she’s SAYING!!!!!!”

And I was like, “Let me explain.  Kalley drew a picture of a machine that makes food and showed it to her dad and we all made it into a story for the iPad that you can play with and it is really awesome and fun.”

And all four of these girls were like, “CAN WE SEE IT NOW!!!!!”

And I was like, “NO. It’s not done.”

And then some other girls at ANOTHER table were like, “What are you talking about!!”

And I said, “Kalley made a machine and we made it into an app!”

And they were like, “WE WANT TO SEE IT CAN WE SEE IT NOW!”

And I said, “NO!  Its not done!”

And I said, “We are working on sound effects. Kalley show them some of the sound effects for your machine.”  And Kalley whistled and said, “POP POP”  and they all cracked up.

And Abby had to jump out of her seat to say this:  “But what does it LOOK LIKE when it is on the PHONE!!!”

And I said, “It looks like Kalley and a cat.”

And Lauren said, “My dad is ALLERGIC to CATS!!!”

And Emma said, “My dad is allergic to CATS AND DOGS!!!!”

And Lauren said, “My dad runs 10 miles in ONE DAY!!!”

And Emma said, “My dad ran the PIG race!!”

And Lauren said, “My dad did TOO!!!!”

And I said, “I DID TOO!  That pig race is pretty hard!  Because of the hills!   So your dads must be really AWESOME runners!!”

And then we all just sat there, finishing our peanut butter and jelly and feeling happy about how their dads are awesome runners and how Abby’s mom is about to have a baby and  about how Kalley’s machine is so awesome.  And then we played Duck Duck Goose on the playground.

And as I walked away, sweaty, to my car, I thought, “I am totally rocking this social marketing thing.”    And I came home and told Jon, and he said it was only really social marketing if I posted about it here.


6 Responses to On How I Am Rocking This Social Marketing Thing.

  • amy
    3 / 11 / 2014


    amy 3 / 11 / 2014
  • Lisa Compton
    3 / 11 / 2014

    Carrie, You totally nailed it!

    Lisa Compton 3 / 11 / 2014
  • Carrie
    3 / 11 / 2014

    That. Is. SO. Funny. And just exactly what it is like to talk to a bunch of first graders. 🙂

    Carrie 3 / 11 / 2014
  • Kim
    3 / 11 / 2014

    You left out what an awesome creative mom you are! We can’t wait for this app!

    Kim 3 / 11 / 2014
  • Maryann moore
    7 / 24 / 2014

    Love it!!!

    Maryann moore 7 / 24 / 2014
    • carriealexander
      7 / 25 / 2014

      Maryann, that was your Lauren!

      carriealexander 7 / 25 / 2014

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