Killer Robots Make Math Flashcards More Fun!

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My mom was over the other night and I asked her if she would mind going over flash cards with Kalley before dinner. When I came outside to grill our chicken and check on those two, my mom said that her darling granddaughter had put her out in the middle of the yard and instructed her to please pretend to be a Killer Robot.  She was wondering what on earth the child was talking about.

I explained that Jon was way more fun with math (and most things actually) than normal people.  Here is the Killer Robot Math Game that he made up. Here you go. Go play this!! We LOVE IT!


A killer robot is coming to get you! Disable the robot with your powerful MATH HACKING SKILLZ!

The robot is the slow moving, but also terribly unstoppable, kind. You are stuck (invent a reason: leg trapped, stuck in glue, handcuffed to a chair, whatever) and the robot has spotted you! You cannot escape!  However, you can hack the robot to stop it from advancing on you. With MATHS!


  1. A deck of flashcards. Bigger flashcards work better, as the robot starts a distance away from the hacker, but any flashcards will work.
  2. SPECIAL CARDS. These are random, non-flashcards in the deck. These could be the flashcard instructions or a piece of paper or whatever. We recommend about 3 special cards per 50 flashcards.

robot 2


  • The hacker sits at one end of the room. The robot stands at the other end. Find a good distance for this. It is nice if the hacker can see the flashcards, but not necessary as the robot will announce the math problem. So maybe 15 yards apart?
  • The robot holds the cards.
  • The robot announces the math problem on the flashcard and holds the flashcard up facing the hacker. After about a second, the robot ‘turns on’ and begins to slowly advance toward the hacker.
  • The hacker must call out the correct answer to disable the robot. An incorrect answer causes the robot to double its speed.
  • Once the robot has been disabled, a) it stops moving, b) moves the current card to the bottom of the deck and c) announces and displays the next flashcard.
  • Repeat.

The game ends when either:

  1. The robot makes it through all of the cards. HACKER WINS! The robot is out of directive combinations and shuts itself down.
  2. OR the robot brings robot death to the hacker. HACKER LOSES.


Special cards can vary the level of difficulty of the game and make it more fun. They are shuffled randomly into the deck.

In the most basic version of the game, special cards make the robot move back ten steps. So when the robot gets to the special card in the deck, it simply moves back the ten steps. Then it moves to the next card.

However, if you want to write on the cards or shake up the game, special cards can have a variety of powers. For instance:

  1. TURBO BOOST! They could cause the robot to move forward 3 steps.
  2. REQUIRED MAINTENANCE! They could make the robot stop moving for 2 cards (giving the hacker more time to solve the next 2 cards).
  3. SYSTEM ERROR! Skip the next 3 cards.
  4. They could cause some random event that doesn’t affect the game (maniacal scream).

NOTE: This also would work well as a zombie game. Just sayin.

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