Writing Exercise #2 - Making Stars & Friends

(One of my writing exercises from Canada.)

Knock Knock.

Squirrel came  to her new door.

“Good morning, Stranger!” said a woodpecker, “Welcome to the neighborhood!” He thrust a basket of berries at her and said, “It was that or grubs! Ha!”

“Thank you,” she said timidly. “I’m not used to neighbors.”

“Really? Where you from?” asked the woodpecker.

“I used to live in the big oak,” said the squirrel.

The woodpecker gave a long whistle. “Whew!” he said. “Ever-body heard that fall in the storm. What a show! Bet you’re glad to be out of that old thing!”

“I guess,” she said. “It was pretty old. But I grew up there. Almost all my nuts came from that tree. And my nest was so high, I could see all the stars at night. They made me feel like I was never alone.”

“Welp, no stars here!” said the woodpecker cheerfully. “But, no big winds either. Give some, get some, I always say. “

“I suppose” said the squirrel.

“Well, I’m off.” said the woodpecker. And he left.

Knock Knock.  The squirrel woke up.

Knock Knock. It was the middle of the night.

Knock Knock Knock! A hole broke through her wall. She leaped from her bed to look out the tree-hole.

“Mr. Woodpecker! What are you doing to my house?” she cried. “You know I live here!”

“Well, I, um…” said the woodpecker.

“And it’s the middle of the night! Have you no sense?” she demanded.

“I just thought….”

“You did?” she said angrily.

“…just thought maybe if I poked some holes up here, that moonlight could shine in and….” he hesitated.

“And WAKE ME UP?!” she folded her arms and glared.

He hung his head. “No. I thought it might look like stars,” he said. “Like in your old tree”.

Her mouth fell open. He stared at his feet. Then, with squirrel-y swiftness, she jumped at him and…..

hugged him.

“Thank you, Neighbor”  she said. Her eyes sparkled.

That night, Squirrel climbed back into bed, thinking that maybe friendship has a beauty which rivals the stars. She fell asleep. And she did not feel alone.

The End

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